Friday, December 5, 2008

Grindstone Day 9

Time: 5.51 pm
Chapter: 1, just checking it over before I move on, yay!
Pots of tea: 1.5
Flavour: Wildberry
Lunch: Udon again
Snack: rice cakes, yummy

I've started working out what the vans that drive around during the day broadcasting music are for. They are kind of like Mr Whippy but serve a far wider purpose than just selling icecream. It's a bit hard to tell by just sticking my head out, but the music appears to announce the arrival of the breadman, the mobile library, and various other services. Each tune is distinctive. It's interesting because I've been writing about the memory of running out to buy icecreams from Mr Whippy when I was a girl.

OK. Hope I can start writing chapter two in the weekend.


Serena said...

This photo is gorgeous! I love it.

j a s o n said...

Am really enjoying your return to travel blogging Renee!

Keep up the good work...where is Pio?

Piokiwi said...

Hey Jase, I'm ashamed to admit that I left Pio at home in NZ. He lives on the shelf where I keep the Lonely Planets... and since I didn't buy a LP for this trip (Mark already had one) I didn't see Pio and he didn't go in my backpack. He's probably really annoyed right now.