Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tuesday poem: Tuesday afternoon in the Domain

is a day of
scrunched-up ducklings
pushing tentative ripples
in tepid shallows

of grandmas
and grandsons
tracing leaf-patterns
with sticks

of crucifixion on a lawn
of close cropped daisies

of geese circling
like high white battleships
alert for dropped
icecream cones.

Tuesday is a day
to roll up in a ball
and hurtle down hillsides
after the sun.

Happy 1st Birthday, Tuesday poem! I've posted (a little late) something I wrote a few years ago after spending a sun drenched afternoon in one of my favourite writing spots in the Auckland Domain. A little spot of warmth to hold on to now the weather's started to turn cold and windy again (after five months of being able to wear skirts with bare legs - I'm not complaining). For more Tuesday birthday poems, click here.