Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tuesday poem: little fish

my astonished belly
has lately become
a fishbowl
and you, little fish

winged mermaid
dancing citizen
of my inner seas
you sang to me

long before
your 17 weeks
long before I first saw
your tiny arms

doing freestyle
on the screen
your feet waving
in gentle currents

little fish, as I feel you
blowing bubbles
in my belly
I can’t help but smile.

Yes. This is my biggest 'creative' project for the year!


Elizabeth Welsh said...

Wow - congratulations, Renee! What wonderful news!! The image of the fishbowl is stunning.

Robbie said...

Wow, holy shit! Congratulations Renee and Mark, that's fantastic news.

Anonymous said...

Lovely news Renee, congrats! Ali S xx

Kathleen Jones said...

Congratulations Renee!!

Mary McCallum said...

Lovely news Renee - I too love the idea of your belly as a fishbowl - and I love the rhythm and imagery of 'winged mermaid/dancing citizen of my inner seas...'

Catherine said...


Harvey Molloy said...

Congratulations for the poem you've written and the poem growing inside you.

Doug Poole said...

Congratulations Renee, what wonderful wonderful news!

Kirby said...

Best wishes to the Bowl and the Fishes!

(well okay. One fish. Mark can be the other. I had to make it rhyme ;D )

<3 Kirstin

Greg said...


Greg said...