Monday, December 20, 2010

Tuesday Poem: Xmas by Susan Landry

Susan and I are swapping poems as part of the Tuesday Poets "Secret Santa". Susan hails from Portland, Maine - so I'm very excited to be gifting poems across the other side of the world! Her poem is deceptively simple, and paints an innocent picture on the surface. But I love the way the dark and narrow "base" reveals itself to us as we read, jerking us back and then forward in time. You can read more about Susan (she does many more things than just poetry!) on her blog here. Which is also where you can find my poem, posted on her page!


Elizabeth Welsh said...

What an innovative poem for Christmas! The base of the trunk is rather deliciously foreboding. Thanks for posting, Renee!

Helen Lowe said...

Brilliant use of the concrete poem format!