Wednesday, February 25, 2009

People In Your Neighbourhood CD out

Check out track four on this free-download album, the People In Your Neighbourhood, a flagship project of the British Council in NZ.

Funky Oriental Beats - tickets on sale yay!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Little Rain

Been collaborating with my friend Cat again, and a new friend Karena. It's a really neat process, working out how to combine and blend our thoughts. For me it's very much a feeling process - kind of like the thought surfing I usually do when I'm writing, but in company, which makes it much nicer. And unpredictable. And as with surfing, which I'm only guessing at as I have little actual knowledge, the bigger the wave, the more you have to trust one another. Anyway, it feels really really good to be peeping across the divide to where the grown-up artists play.

Anyway as with all my deadlines the dates seem to creep up on me. Once I got back from Japan it didn't take long before I was running from deadline to deadline again, though these days it's such a normal state that the stress aspect seems to have disappeared. This week for example, apart from the writing for Little Rain (completed, hurray!) I have the latest draft of Lantern to finish (tonight), a contract to sign (last week), a blog to write (tomorrow), and a video/poetry performance (Friday). Then there's the preparation for the upcoming Fringe show next weekend, another funding application, and my tax is due....

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Radio NZ interview with Lynn Freeman