Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Grindstone Day 17

No,that's not me at the fish markets, though the expression of glee is similar. I'm at Ritsurin Park, tickling the carp, in the weekend.

Time: 9.52 pm
Chapter: 9
Pots of tea: 4.5
Flavour: Citrus and peach
Lunch: oden
Snack: macadamia nut chocolate

OK, so another blog entry missed yesterday - didn't do so much writing, because I was preparing for the first dinner party we've had here - I love cooking for guests! And today, I hate to admit, wasn't much better on the writing front, as I caught up with outstanding bits and pieces including work emails and my Big Idea blog....and all the attendant "necessary internet research". (hummmm.)

Ok. So, replete with full tummy and about to watch Blackadder's Xmas special with Mark, all that is left to me is to promise faithfully that I will do much better, tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Renee
I just received my latest Big Idea email and the Letter From Japan entry leapt out at me.
I personally think you're doing just the right thing.
When I had finished my pilgrimage around Shikoku (early), I locked myself away in an hostel in Osaka and wrote myself silly ( The good thing was that because I didn't know Japanese either, I wasn't exactly being invited out every night. Also, being a great procrastinator, I didn't have bills I really had to pay, or phone calls I really had to make in order to take me away from writing.

My very dear friend (Canadian) Claire may still be working in Tokushima. You couldn't have a more humble and helpful contact and I could give you her details if you would like a Japanese immersed western friend ;-)

I look forward to reading your progress and btw - I loved your film Banana that I saw a long time ago ;-)