Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tuesday Poem - It’s just a laugh

Paul’s such a dag, he’s such a lark

He’s never serious, never thinks

Why get so mad it’s just a laugh

You PC types are all so daft

It’s light relief – no call to think

Paul’s such a dag, he’s such a lark

Don’t blame it on the TV staff

They don’t like audiences to think

Why get so mad it’s just a laugh

Don’t let those cheeky darkies start

Their claims that Kiwis need to think

Paul’s such a dag, he’s such a lark

Immigrants like him? Pure class

It’s guys like him who make us think

But don’t be mad it’s just a laugh

The world’s a place that’s far too hard

I’d like to teach my kids to think

Paul’s such a dag, he’s such a lark

Why get so mad it’s just a laugh

Ironic that one of my first attempts at a villanelle (one of the more intellectual and difficult forms) would be prompted by Paul Henry, but that's what indignant anger will do! I thought the villanelle would be a good form because of its repetition. It also gives me an excuse to post a (hand covers mouth) rhyming poem, something which seems oddly appropriate for a poem about TV.

In case you haven't been following, English immigrant Paul Henry, host of TVNZ's Breakfast programme, asked John Key yesterday on live TV whether our Governor General, NZ-born Sir Anand Satanyand, was "even a New Zealander". Our valiant PM's only response was a weak laugh. Apart from a villanelle, my response is a strangled Gaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!


Kathleen Jones said...

Paul Henry has me foaming at the mouth when I'm in NZ - he's so patronising to women for one thing! Your poem is a breath of fresh air. Very courageous to tackle a villanelle!

Mary McCallum said...

Good one Renee.

Jacqui Dimes said...

I cannot believe that Paul Henry has only been suspended. What is even more horrifying is how 'the media' are trying to take the heat off Henry by giving John Key a hard time re his response. Your villanelle is right on target.
I cannot abide Paul Henry and do not like to think that taxpayers money pays this redneck

Scuba Nurse said...

very cool!!

Tim Jones said...

I agree with all the above! TVNZ's "he's just saying what people think" response was equally bad. I think Paul Henry is setting himself up for a role as New Zealand's equivalent to Glenn Beck, the Fox "News" stooge who played a big part in whipping up America's Tea Party. TVNZ and Fox News no longer seem very far apart.

Gretel said...

Dear Renee,
I just received the Auckland Uni Update mag in which you are the shining star!! And rightly so... Keep up the great work and best wishes from Samoa,
Gretel :-)

Piokiwi said...

Thanks Gretel! I was stoked to be included!

Mike Crowl said...

I thought I recognised a Villanelle about halfway through reading this...well done!