Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A conversation with a man at an avocado stall in Coffs Harbour Australia

Me: Those look nice.

Man (interrupting excitedly): Mandarin!

ME: huh? No. The avocados...

Man: (pointing) No? No. Cantonese.

Me: I just want one avo...

Man: (stabbing with one finger) Fujian!


Me: Er.

Why would you think I was from Fujian?

Man: Oh, well there's this guy at work, see. Mr Lee. He's from Fujian. He doesn't speak Cantonese or Mandarin, he speaks Fujian...nese.

Strained pause.

Er right, fifty cents.

Me: Thanks.

Man: Shie-shie.

Me: Um, I can't remember the right response...

Man: Never mind, jie jen, see you again.

Me: Er, um ok, see you again.

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