Thursday, October 7, 2010

Don't get mad, get writing

Have to say something for Paul Henry. He's done a great job of getting me riled up and off my arse to write. Here's a blog just posted for The Big Idea - in which I discuss what role artists and poets have in responding to current events. And that last poem was fun, but not nearly as cathartic as I'd like. I feel a rant slam poem coming on.

2 comments: said...

Renee - I love the villanelle form and you have used it well - and of course we all know exactly what a "dag" is too. A very subtly-lovely response - a protest very nicely contained - which is always the most effective weapon (well weapon is a bit strong) - and your humour is the perfect response, intelligently used - which is of course, the difference perhaps, between yourself and the man in question.

Piokiwi said...

Here's an intelligent article which investigates "Racyism" - racism disguised as "harmless" opinion, which often uses the excuse "but it's all what we're secretly thinking, after all".