Saturday, November 15, 2008

Headlines: Giant banana launched!!

at Te Karanga gallery, with amazing art exhibition in background.

The lovely Anna Kaye plays.

Some of the banana cake-munching crowd.

My newest poetry chapbook, Banana, was launched today, with guest readings and performances by my friends and mentors, Riemke Ensing, Siobhan Harvey and Doug Poole, family member Michael Onslow-Osborne and friend Anna Kaye. Around 50 people turned up including some friends and family who just happened to be in town for the weekend - what luck! It was an amazing feeling performing to a room full of new and old friends. The only hitch was when my nephew Marcus came up and tickled me as I was about to read a serious poem, and under the delightful onslaught I had to give in and start over once he had fled the scene.

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Anonymous said...

What a lovely event Renee. Thanks for having me involved, it was great fun! You're gold...hehe.

Anna Kaye :-)