Saturday, August 23, 2008

Energy Recipe

This was written on the spur of the moment a few months ago when a poet-friend of mine asked where I get all my energy from. This was my cheeky reply.

For Riemke

Prep time: 42 minutes

Servings: Large recommended, but indigestion may result. Titrate serving size to situation.


one large white rabbit, hat optional
two mandrake roots - legs essential, choose those that are long and shapely
one elderly violinist playing love songs on a street corner in Soho
seven fine spring days with a red kite
one threadbare silk dressing gown belonging to your grandmother
a green candle in the shape of a leaf
one low stone wall


Heat two teaspoons of olive oil in a pan until spitting. Without hesitation tip the rabbit whole into the pan. When it has completely disappeared, stir with long even strokes of mandrake legs, add spring days, dressing gown (a fresh fire will come in handy if spring days are cold), low stone wall and candle and heat through. Season with songs from the violinist, according to taste. Serve warm with a glass of wine.

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