Thursday, March 6, 2008

What I'm currently panicking about

Nope, the play's not finished yet. Not even close (hysterical laughter).

Workshop (closed to the public) this Saturday - should be good, if I'm not comatose by then.
Public reading the Monday week. Please come, if you happen to be in Auckland!! And feel free to bring tomatoes if you think they'll be needed. So long as you buy me a hot chocolate afterwards......

Lantern – a first play by Renee Liang
Read Raw - Workshop reading of work in progess
Directed by Tony Forster, with Li-Ming Hu and Andy Wong
Herald Theatre foyer, THE EDGE, Monady 17th March

Reading will commence at 7.15pm, comments from audience invited after. This is a first reading of a new work which is still in the process of being written.
Constructive feedback is most welcome, in fact necessary, to inform the playwright for the next stage of writing.

Summer, 2008. As the rest of Auckland is getting down to long days by the beach, the Chen family get ready for Chinese New Year's Eve – a time by which all debts must be settled, the house swept clean of issues, and families reconciled. Jen is 25 going on 40, caught between worrying about her depressed father and wondering if she's ever going to find the right man. Her younger brother Ken is a loose cannon, unsure of his direction in life. Their father Henry is a broken man. And then his wife Rose, who walked out of their lives a year ago, waltzes back in….

A play about finding out who you really are. And who you really love.

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