Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Back to Uni

It's been a great summer, with me gadding about the country, working, talking a lot and getting in a surprising amount of poetry. But I'm now back at uni, taking mainly Drama papers (in writing, mostly) and one in Population Health, which despite its small point loading (30) has a LOT of reading. Yesterday (Monday) was my first day back, and it was an odd feeling, drifting like a small dark cloud through these clouds of brightly-dressed first years, who are young enough to be my patients, and very very very excited to be at uni for the first time. Everything is so new to them.

It's been a relief to hang up my doctor hat for a while and just get back to the practice of reading, dreaming and writing. I was really looking forward to it, those last few weeks of work in Palmerston North. At the same time, every now and then I hear this voice saying to me "What are you doing? You're not moving on with your life!" It's the old conflicts and self doubt, back again. I'm not happy to be fully in either world, I'm not happy to be away from either of them. But I am, as my friend put it, "following my bliss." Who knows where it will lead and whether in following the fairy I'll trip and land on my face. But I won't know until I've tried it.

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