Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Getting there.. slowly

Been chipping away at this play..now (I tell myself) I'm within a few scenes of finishing. If only I could stop myself from going back to the start and reediting, damn, it's becoming a compulsion.

In between I'm looking up papers and making notes for an essay on Global Public Health... such is my schizophrenic life. Don't think any of the material will cross over, but you never know. Usually while I'm looking industrious in lectures I am, in fact, making cryptic notes in the margins of my handouts:
"Ken = angry at Rose?" or with an arrow pointing randomly somewhere : "use in short story???"

The workshop on a Sat was a buzz...and not just because I was drinking coffee from the Starks coffee cart. Lynda Chanwai Earle recently warned me that if I started writing plays the theatre would draw me in and I would get distracted from other forms -you were right, Lynda! The development process is rapid (well it is if you have poor time management skills like me!), and there's fast feedback if you're lucky enough to have a development reading.

And it's an amazing, if slightly vertiginous, feeling to watch three people who have never read the script before, engage with characters and story to the point where they're fighting to defend their own views of them. Magical. Truly.

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