Tuesday, February 26, 2008

F.O.B. - Fabulously, Outrageously Beautiful

For more photos of the night, look on the bar to the right....

Wow!! Still recovering from Funky Oriental Beats - we're starting to call it FOB #1 because we're already planning the next one. It's a whirl of colour in my mind - I was so high on adrenaline (and no substances, I might add) that I can't remember exactly how the night ran, only that I was on stage, then talking to people at the bar, then talking to a camera, then minding the door... Suffice to say that we attracted an excellent crowd for a Sunday night (especially given that due to the unpredictable emotional outbrusts of Auckland weather we were competing with both the Lantern Festival and Symphony under the stars). We broke even, and were even able to pay our artists a small token !!

Ed Mecija did most of the photos. Thanks bro!


Anonymous said...

it was great , a cool venue ,
thanks for making happen

artstar said...

i cant wait for number 2