Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tuesday Poem: on the birth of a film

for Roseanne

for five years
you have held it in your belly
felt it warm and growing
consulted experts
read books and played music to it

it kicked you awake at night

you fed it
with your own blood
felt its own heart
start to beat
traced the curving line
of your umbilicus

to where it all started

and now
it has arrived

and joy.

My sister's film, My Wedding and Other Secrets, had its world premiere on Sunday night, and my whole family was there. It was an emotional night. Not just because it's the end result of over 5 years of hard work, trust and hope by my sister, but also because the film deals with some very personal stories.

The film itself, although fictional, is a love letter from my sister to my parents. The fact that they came to watch the film, with no certainty of its content, is also a gesture of love from them. My mother started crying before the film started (a good sign), and at the end she thanked Cheung Pei Pei, who played the character of the mother in the film, for playing the part with such sympathy. My dad (at his first movie screening for 30 years), left his seat at the end - to rush down the front and take photos of my sister receiving applause. That's a gesture of approval on his part - he's always done this with us to commemorate proud occasions.

As for me, my story is told on screen through the character of Susan, who has to deal with tragedy (you'll have to watch the film to find out). I hasten to add she doesn't make all the same choices I did, but all the same it was a buzz to watch "myself" being played by the very gorgeous Katlyn Wong (I come up to her shoulders when we're both in heels)! I get a couple of seconds of screen time myself as a bitchy waitress (debut speaking line: "yao gei" (soy chicken)). The appearance was so quick my husband missed it. I also appeared in the (real) tapes of us as little kids, which formed part of the opening credits.

All in all, a wonderful, warm night. And yes, there was red carpet and paparazzi. Below, a pic of my proud parents on the red carpet (complete with lion dancers).


MLB said...

Fabulous, Renee.

I'll have to go see it.


Tim Jones said...

That's a lovely post, Renee, and I want to see this film - and not just because of your powerhouse performance :-)

Is there any word yet about the distribution of "My Wedding and Other Secrets", and when/whether it will make it to Wellington?

Piokiwi said...

Hi Tim, yes the film should open around NZ on March 17. It is definitely making it to Wellywood!! Thanks for your lovely comment ;)

Tim Jones said...

Thanks - I'm pleased I don't have long to wait!

Tim Jones said...

I've now seen "My Wedding and Other Secrets", and I enjoyed it a lot. A lovely movie to go to with my beloved: at times sweet, at others bitter-sweet.

And, of course, a certain waitress stole the show :-)