Saturday, September 6, 2008

Yay! I'm special!

OK, so I admit it. I'm a self googler. I look myself up to see what's been written (sadly most of it is actually by me). But it was a lovely accident that led to me discovering that my latest chapbook, Cardiac Cycle (co produced with Cat Auburn) has been bought for the Auckland University's Special Collection. And after I discovered that I couldn't resist going in for a look for myself.

It's not one of those hushed places with oak panelling where you have to handle everything with kid gloves (there are gloves, but mainly to handle the photographs). It's efficient, quiet, well lit, inhabiting a nondescript corner of the library. But you have to hand in your ID to get stuff, and there's a "gatekeeper" to bring you the books you request. So I felt quite excited when she delivered my book to me, in crisp mint condition, from its temperature controlled vault. I felt special....

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