Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Been writing, rewriting and attending rehearsals. I am obsessed it seems! Watching a play come to life - and hearing other people's interpretations of a world which I have constructed in the privacy of my own head - is a huge buzz. It's also scary given that it feels like I'm exposing some private and not-quite-sure-is-kosher side of myself, and anyway I'm never sure whether people will find my jokes funny.

The other really scary bit is that I'm still fiddling with the script, we open in 2.5weeks, and the actors are trying very hard to learn the lines while working full time on jobs and other shows. Testament to their professionalism and that of the director, Tony!

Anyway here are the details:
Summer, 2008. As the rest of Auckland is getting down to long days by the beach, the Chen family get ready for Chinese New Year's Eve – a time by which all debts must be settled, the house swept clean of issues, and families reconciled. Jen is 30 going on 40, caught between worrying about her depressed father and wondering if she's ever going to find the right man. Her younger brother Ken is a loose cannon, unsure of his direction in life. Their father Henry is a broken man. And then his wife Rose, who walked out of their lives a year ago, waltzes back in….

A play about finding out who you really are. And who you really love.

TWO NIGHTS ONLY July 10th and 17th, 8 pm at Smackbang Theatre 208 K'Rd. Workshop performance followed by Q+A, $8/$10.

Written by Renee Liang * Directed by Tony Forster* with Andy Wong and Li-Ming Hu.

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